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Available in E-Book, Soft Cover and Audiobook formats.
Winner: LGBT Best Book Award San Francisco Book Festival (2017)
Winner: General Non-Fiction Award- Beach Book Festival (2017)
Winner: General Non-Fiction Award - New York Book Festival (2017)
Book of the Year Award Finalist - Foreword INDIES (2016)
An 'Indie Books to Discover' -- Kirkus Reviews (2017)

"Spellbinding!" - Readers' Favorite Reviews (2017)

"This is a raw, honest, and inspirational memoir. . . a story that is powerful and heartfelt, and certain to appeal to a wide variety of audiences." - Clarion Reviews".

". .
a beautiful job. . . full of engaging personalities, sometimes monstrous and sometimes beautiful, which make the story hard to walk away from. . . Douglas' compelling story moves toward a conclusion that's a genuine testament to his tireless dedication to his Little Brother." - Kirkus Reviews

a true story about the transformative power of unconditional love

Growing Up Twice: Shaping a Future By Reliving My Past is a story of what happened when a 44-year- old gay guy met a 12-year-old Latino boy.  It's a book about my experience mentoring through the Big Brother Big Sister program. Through our journey, nine years in the making, I laughed, worried and cried. Would Rico join a gang? Would he be able to graduate?

Rico mostly hid his emotions, but sometimes they broke through, blowing me away with their force. He yearned for a father figure and I did the best I couldstaying inside the box of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program. Everyone told me that my job was to be someone who listenedbut Rico needed more. He needed a father, a mentor, a brother, and a friend. 

Watching Rico grow up was heart-wrenching. He often reminded me of my own teenage failures and disappointments. Through our years spending time together, Rico allowed me to see my past in a less judgmental way.

In the end, each of us came to realize how much we had changed each others lives for the better, forever.

Veer - Feature Documentary (2009)  [Associate Producer]

Narrated by Matthew Modine, this documentary examines many of the more unusual and eccentric aspects of Portland's world-famous bicycle culture.

Directed by: Greg Fredette
Produced by: Greg Fredette, Jason De-Parrie Turner.

The Man You Had In Mind (2008) [Co-Producer]

The story of five male couples in Portland, Oregon. Dubbed and rebroadcast internationally multiple times in Germany, Russia, Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Telly award-winner.

Directed by: Jim Tuchschmidt.
Produced by: Jim Tuchschmidt, Elaine Miller, Aaron Kirk Douglas

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Monster Camp (2007) [Producer]

My first (and most popular) feature documentary with director Cullen Hoback. Monster Camp has screened at over 40 festivals around the world and been awarded "best documentary" at 4 of them. It received the Audience Award at Cinequest and is distributed by Gravitas Ventures through a plethora of video-on-demand outlets. 

"As endearing as it is amusing." -- Variety

Directed by: Cullen Hoback
Produced by: Aaron Douglas Enterprises LLC, Hyrax Films

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Freedom State (2006) [Producer, Co-Creator]

After the apocalypse, a group of mental health patients have inherited the Earth. Armed with a short bus and imagination, they must rebuild society and find the edge of the world.

Directed by: Cullen Hoback
Produced by: Aaron Douglas Enterprises LLC

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2006 Class Project: Interview With My Father (1930-2013)

The lighting and sound are pretty awful, but my dad is pretty hilarious in this 10-minute piece. I picked out the nuggets of his lifetime of wisdom to share with you. 


Spaced Out! The Alien Abduction Musical
(Ongoing Development) [Co-Creator, Lyricist]

A fame-seeking TV guy and a socially deficient cameraman are sent to uncover the secrets of the Beacon, an alien-worshipping cult led by a madman with three wives who believes the extraterrestrials are returning to save him and his followers. Meanwhile, our heroes must unravel a sinister plot to overthrow Earth's population and save the human race. This project is a grant recipient from the Regional Arts and Culture Council.