Wedding Day, 2003

After spending years on websites and blogs of all types, I suddenly realized it had been a decade since I updated my own.

So much has happened in 10 years. Here are some things I learned:

  • Be Pioneers...Sometimes.
    In 2005 we shot "Freedom State" on HD. Once we started we realized the closest HD deck was only available in Seattle. Good times!
  • When It Rains... It Pours.
    My first doc project Monster Camp led immediately to two more projects happening all at once! "The Man You Had in Mind" and "Veer." They were great fun and my only disappointment was that I didn't get to spend more time helping on them both.
  • A Musical Play is Like a Good Wine.
    All my spare time during my teen and college years was spent acting, singing, or both. After leaving that behind (mostly), I decided put my heart into creation of a stage musical. My amazing collaborator, Kurt Crowley and I have held seven public staged readings of our work over the past three years. We continue to work on the show joined by book writer Travis Zariwny.
  • Wait! I've Got This Book Idea...
    I spent a fair amount of time with my dad the last couple years of his life. While out of town, I had a chance to organize hundreds of notes, reports and emails relating to my seven-year mentorship of a young Latino. My (neurotic?) penchant for being organized led me to complete a painstakingly complete a 36-page subject/date/event summary topical spreadsheet covering every important moment in our relationship. I used the spreadsheet to create several detailed outlines and chapter topics which were reviewed and rewritten after feedback from volunteer readers. You know what? I was afraid I wouldn't be able to write 60,000 words for a 10 chapter book. Then I sat down and wrote 25,000 words for 3 chapters. Needless to say, I am cutting things down with the help of my dear readers. I am currently completing a draft of Chapter 2.
  • Still reading? Great! Click through the site for samples of my work and to meet the people I work with when it's time to get things done!