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Throwing Away the Crutches

I left  my crutches in the hotel in Atlanta. I bet they find someone who needs them.

One year to the day of the date of my father’s death, I had a serious sports injury.  As soon as it started I pretended it was a message from beyond. He had always liked to lecture. Perhaps he wasn’t done teaching me things? If I needed any proof that I’m not getting any younger, it had arrived.  One Saturday in late February I injured myself weightlifting and ended up in the emergency room in the middle of the night in horrible pain.

It turned out to be an avulsion fracture. I was given some oxycodone and my doctor's nurse told me to drink a lot of water and take metamucil.

My trip to the ER made me wonder: what if I had just been told my days were numbered? Would I be ready and happy with all I’ve done in life? Would you? 

Just after my trip to the hospital I left for vacation.

Here’s what I learned:

  • I never want to use crutches again, I got more bruises and scrapes from using them than going without.
  • People at airport security are really nice to people in wheelchairs
  • Oxycodone requires that you take 2x the amount of Metamucil specified on the label
  • Oxycodone gives you painful constipation and cramping, compounded by extreme pain, if you will need to fly in an aircraft above 30,000 feet.
  • Flight attendants are very nice about letting you use the bathroom if you tell them you are about to wet your pants.

I’m getting rid of the crutches, and the oxycodone.

They both have awful side effects.